Topic, completed thesis handout, tentative title, Completed description in Spanish following steps on the thesis handout     5% of grade for Final Project (10/7)


                                                                                                            ______________/ 10


First Draft (500 word min.) emailed to 2 assigned group members. Student has done a Peer-Edit of at least 2 other students' drafts     5% for grade of Final Project (10/23)


______________/ 10


Self-Edited Draft (800 word min.)     30% of grade for Final Project (11/11)   


_      Responds to the assignment; includes at least the first two sections (the entire draft minus the conclusion).                            

_      Primary Source materials included (See Final Project Instructions)

_      Original title

_      Well-formulated thesis

_      Solid arguments and research-based evidence

_      Word Count included; Minimum length: 800 words

_      Effort to incorporate new structures and vocabulary

_      Comprehensibility

                                                                                                            ______________/ 10



Bibliography     5% of grade for Final Project (12/2)


_      Provides links and complete citations for sources consulted (including primary sources)

_      Uses a variety of sources

_      MLA Style, Chicago Style, APA Style (or any other professionally recognized format)



Final Draft     55% of grade for Final Project (12/2)


Content (Information Conveyed)                                                                                      POINTS

_       Thorough and relevant analysis of selected texts; cohesive; responds to instructors comments,       30

 offers a unique perspective that demonstrates both effective research and deep reflections             

_       Adequate analysis of selected texts; some development of original ideas; some ideas lack             25 supporting details, responds to most of instructor's comments; some evidence of research   

_       Limited information; ideas present but not developed; lack of supporting detail or evidence of      22

effective research; does not respond adequately to instructor's comments           

_       Minimal information; inappropriate or irrelevant information but some effort is made to explore    19

      the topic.                                    

_       Not enough information to evaluate; incomprehensible.                                                          0-15




_       Logically and effectively ordered; main points and details are connected; fluent; not choppy          20

whatsoever; effective use of transitions.

_       An apparent order to the content is intended; somewhat choppy; loosely organized but main         17        

points do stand out; sequencing of ideas is not complete; some effective use of transitions.

_       Limited to the order of the content; lacks logical sequencing of ideas; ineffective ordering;           15

conclusion present but is limited to a summary; limited use of transitions.

_       Series of separate sentence with no transitions; disconnected ideas; no apparent order to the          13

content; lack of introduction and/or conclusion; ineffective and limited use of transitions.

_       Not enough to evaluate; series of separate sentences that illogically ordered. Lack of introduction   10

      and conclusion. No use of transitions.                                                                                



_       broad; impressive; precise and effective word choice; extensive use of words studied                    25

_       adequate but not impressive; some erroneous word usage or choice, but meaning is not obscured   22

or confused; some use of the words studied

_       erroneous word choice leads to obscured or confused meaning; some literal translations and          18

and invented words; limited use of the words studied

_       inadequate; repetitive; incorrect use or non-use of words studied; literal translations; numerous      16

invented words

_       not enough to evaluate; abundance of invented words                                                             12



_       Very few errors in subject / verb agreement or noun / adjective agreement; work was well edited    20

    for language; effective use of new forms (present perfect, subjunctive, etc.) 

_       Occasional errors in subject / verb agreement or noun / adjective agreement; some editing for        17

language evident but not complete; use of new forms (present perfect, subjunctive, etc.) 

_       Some errors in subject / verb agreement; some errors in noun / adjective agreement; work was       15

poorly edited for language.

_       Frequent errors in subject /verb agreement; no evidence of having edited the work for language.     13

_       Incomprehensible due to an abundance of errors in grammatical use and form.                             9



Spelling / Written Accents/ Format

_       No errors in spelling; only occasional missing accent marks                                                    5

_       1-2 errors in spelling; several missing accent marks                                                               4

_       3-4 errors in spelling; several missing accent marks                                                               3

_       five or more errors in spelling; an abundance of missing accent marks                                       2

_       so many orthographical errors that the composition is impossible to understand;                                     0         



TOTAL _______/100




5% of overall course grade


Presentation (60 points)


Possible points

Points earned

Instructor's observations

Presentation: Clearly stated thesis and conclusion that highlight the significance of the composition and research; did not read; lasted between 5-7 minutes; logical organization


27-30 (A)

24-26 (B)

21-23 (C)

18-20 (D)

0-17 (F)





Audio/visual aids and handout: Enhances understanding of topic; creative presentation; appropriate length of time






Language: Used only Spanish; comprehensible to others; good use of vocabulary; explained technical terms





Follow Up: Responded appropriately to classmates' questions/ comments during Follow Up, thoughtfully reflected on the final outcome of presentation/investigations






Total Points:____________/60