Writing Mechanics

Presentation of Ideas

Form Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

A (90-100%)

Flawless SWE; understands scholarly style*; engaging pacing

Presents key concepts clearly; original insight conveyed

Identifies all formal labels according to lecture slides

Identifies all 1st level chords; interprets 2nd level function conclusively

B (80-89%)

Flawless SWE; scholarly style misunderstood

Conveys information clearly; little or no original insight

Identifies most formal labels according lecture slides

Identifies most 1st level sonorities; misinterprets 2nd level

C (70-79%)

SWE suffers

twice per page; no scholarly style present; pacing confused

Misgiven on some key concepts

Engages few formal labels; cadences incorrect

Accurately identifies some 1st level harmonies

D (60-69%)

SWE suffers three to five times per page

Misunderstands the concepts

Most formal labels missing or incorrect; cadences missing

Harmonic analysis is sparse

F (59%)

SWE suffers more than five times per page

Does not understand the concepts

formal is wholly missing or incorrect; cadences missing

Harmonic analysis is nonexistent