Composition Assignment

Latin 121 Fall 2015


Part IV: Final Product [40 points]

Congratulations! By this point you have completed your inventory, created your draft, and met with me to discuss areas for improvement. You're now at the final stage of the project.


You have two tasks for this part:


1. Revise your story based on the feedback that you received from me in person and/or over email/in the document itself.


a. Please say a few words about what feedback you received, how you incorporated that feedback and the changes that you made. I'll be able to see the differences, of course, in the files, but I'd like for you to tell me a bit about what you learned as a result of the revision(s) and meeting.


b. Proof-read and format the document in a neat, ordered fashion. Be sure that your story is double-spaced. Other than that, I have no preferences for formatting.


2. Write a brief reflection on your experience of this project. What did you learn, how were you challenged, and where did you succeed? While these questions are meant to help you reflect on the grammatical and procedural components of the project, I'd also like you to consider how this project enhanced your understanding of the cultural material that you explored and incorporated. How is your knowledge about the ancient Roman world greater or deeper as a result of your project? Please be specific and use examples.


The rubric that I will use to assess your work in Part IV is available below.



0 1 2 3 4


5 6 7


8 9 10

identified instructor's feedback




articulated what was learned as result of revision




made appropriate changes to composition based on feedback




document is double-spaced and legible




reflected on composition experience in its entirety




identified cultural material relevant to composition




articulated, with examples, how knowledge of ancient Roman culture changed as a result of project