Composition Assignment

Latin 121 Fall 2015


Part I: Inventory [15 points]

Go back through the fifteen chapters that you have read and studied this semester. Then, make a list of both:


1. the grammar introduced in each chapter

2. the cultural topics about which you learned in each chapter


You should already have a good sense of these from your reading journals, the podcasts, your tasks, and class notes; similarly your vocabulary bank should be strong.


Once you have created this list (or these lists, if done separately), identify the following:


[a] the three cultural topics most interesting to you;

[b] the three points of grammar or constructions that you find most challenging; and

[c] three preliminary ideas for your composition


Please hand this in to me in hard copy or as a Word document as soon as possible after completing it (you will not be able to move forward until I have received and evaluated it). Your inventory will be assessed by how fully it captures the content (cultural and grammatical) of these fifteen chapters as well as how clearly it articulates the items (a, b, and c) above.