Composition Assignment

Latin 121, Fall 2015


For the final project, you will each create a composition that will become a chapter for our class's own Lingua Latina book, a legacy that we will post online for future students.


We will follow a four-step process that will help you do the following:


- see this semester's work as a unified whole

- produce a Latin composition that demonstrates your understanding the Latin grammar that you have learned this term

- demonstrate in that composition your understanding of one cultural topic learned this term

- exercise your creativity


As you work on the four steps, keep notes so that when you turn in your final composition, you can also submit a copy (hard or electronic) of a description of how you progressed through each step. The reading journals and syntheses that you have worked on all semester long offer models of how to do this well.


The four steps in the process are as follows:


I. Creating an inventory [15 points]


II. Preparing your first two drafts [40 points]


III. Meeting with me to talk about your drafts [10 points]


IV. Preparing your final draft [45 points]



The due date for the FINAL product (IV, above) Friday, December 11th, 2015, by 4:00 pm (the date and time assigned for the final exam by the Registrar). Plan accordingly! You do *not* want to be handing in Parts I or II, or trying to meet with me (Part III) the day or two before 12/11.