Part I: Inventory [15 points].


Go back through the fifteen chapters that you have read and studied this semester. Make a list of the topics covered and the grammar (etc.) introduced. You should already have a good sense of the latter from your reading journals and class notes; similarly your vocabulary bank should be strong.


Once you have created this list, identify the following:


            [a] the three topics most interesting to you;

            [b] the three points of grammar or constructions that you find most challenging; and

            [c] three preliminary ideas for your composition


Please hand in this list to me at the end of class or email it to me as soon as possible after completing this portion of the assignment (you will not be able to move forward until I have received and evaluated this document). Your inventory will be assessed by how fully it captures the content (topical and grammatical) of these fifteen chapters as well as how clearly it articulates the items (a,b, and c) above.



Part II: Composing [40 points].


Further instructions about Part II, as well as a rubric, will be provided to you upon completion of Part I. In short, you might think of this component of the assignment as the rough draft -- based on our conversations about Part I, you will craft a story (in Latin) about a chosen topic and will be required to include specific grammatical constructions (to be determined on a case-by-case basis). This part of the assignment is due no later than 11:59pm on December 2nd.



Part III: Talking about Writing [10 points].


Although this portion of the project carries less weight than the others, it is perhaps the most crucial step. Once you have turned in Part II, we will arrange a date and time to meet for 20-30 minutes to discuss your composition. This will be your opportunity to ask questions, learn from existing errors, and plan how to improve your composition for Part IV. The only way not to acquire these 10 points is not to have the meeting -- for this reason (and for the sake of your composition!) be sure not to skip this step. I will provide everyone with a schedule of available dates and times for the weeks of November 25th and December 1st.



Part IV: Final Product [45 points].


Further instructions about Part IV, as well as a rubric, will be provided to you in our individual meetings (Part III). The final product is due by the end of the exam period assigned for our course, that is, by 11:30am on Tuesday 9 December.