Writing Assignment Sequence 2
Academic Research Paper - Rough Draft


GOAL: Compose a rough draft of an academic research paper centered around a problem faced by a community you belong to. Write with focus to an academic audience. Develop your focus with patterns of evidence and explicit reasoning. Use standard conventions of academic writing.


TASK: Write to an academic audience of classmates, professors, and other interested scholars about the problem your community faces, and how to solve it. Spend time outlining exactly what the problem is that you are addressing, and why it is important. Consider providing narrative examples to illustrate the problem, and try to gather evidence through library and Web research to establish the problem as concretely as you can. Think about kairos and the three appeals.

In your rough draft, make it your goal to outline the problem as precisely as you can, and begin to gather the possible solutions to the problem. Next, you will be able to use feedback from your peer review workshop group and your professor to identify areas for further research, expansion, and revision. You will also be able to refine your focus and reasoning as you revise the paper for the final draft.

Because you are writing to an academic audience, be sure to make an effort to follow either MLA or APA guidelines for formatting and documenting outside sources. Strive to use standard syntax and diction and a clear organizational pattern. Make sure your reasoning is explicit and clear.


DUE DATE: Complete your rough draft by class time on Monday, March 28.

LENGTH & FORMATTING: Your rough draft should be as complete as you can possibly get it. 1000 words is probably a good goal. Turn in a single document, double-spaced, one-inch margins, serif font, page numbers, etc. Give your paper a unique or memorable title.

DELIVERY: Turn in your rough draft via Canvas upload. Attach a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file to this assignment. These file formats are available in virtually every word processor, including Google Docs and Open Office.

SOURCES & DOCUMENTATION: If you use sources, document them using guidelines from the MLA or APA. Be sure that all sources are credible, trustworthy sources that pass the "CRAAP test."

GRADING: See the rubric below for how your work will be graded.


Task & Focus

The writer turned in the rough draft by the due date.

25.0 pts

The writer did not turn in the rough draft by the due date.

0.0 pts