Moodle Posts


The main purpose of these posts is to:


a.     Make sure that students read the assigned material before coming to class,

b.     Start thinking about the assigned material outside the class;

c.     Think critically about the assigned reading.

Students are free to choose the topic of their posts, as long as it is related to:


1.     The historical, social, political, and cultural context of the story, the author or the director;

2.     The genre of the text;

3.     The explicit and implicit theme(s) of the text;

4.     The rhetorical strategies used in the text;

5.     The central argument of the author/director.

Students are expected to contribute with 5 Moodle posts throughout the semester. Each post should be approximately 200 words in length and should be posted on Moodle for everyone to read at least 2 hours before the class starts. Posts uploaded later will not be considered for grading.


Evaluation Criteria for Moodle Posts:


0 pts. = Student has not submitted the post or has submitted it less than 3 hours before the class.


1 pt. = Student's post simply describes his/her opinion about the text without critical reflection and analysis of the chosen topic.


2 pts. = Student's post follows all the guidelines, the topic of the post is clearly defined and the analysis is thorough.