In the old format, students were simply required to take certain number of 300-level courses, which allowed them to take, for example, SPN 315 after having taken SPN 355. We were facing the problem of having first and third or fourth year students in the same class with huge difference in their level of linguistic proficiency, as well as critical thinking ability; we were also facing the problem of having to cancel advance level courses due to low enrollment because most students were trying to take the easier, lower level, courses. In the new curriculum, we have a cluster of courses at lower 300- level, cluster of courses at upper 300-level and courses at 400-level. Students are required to move up from one level to the next after they take two courses of given level. Each of these levels has shared linguistic proficiency, intercultural competency and critical thinking ability goals and each course at certain level (say upper 300-level) has the same goal with the exception of offering a different content.