Group leaders must do the following:

In column 1, write one direct quotations from the Severgnini chapter with regard to his observations of American culture that you find most interesting, surprising, discussion-worthy, etc. In column 2, describe briefly what each observation reveals about American culture. In column 3, describe what, in turn, Beppe's commentary on American culture might reveal about Italian culture according to his viewpoint.

Quotation / Observation

American Cultural Meaning

Italian Cultural Meaning




Explain briefly (at least 250 words) how this observation and meanings fit in the "Cultural Iceberg" paradigm below. How might this observation represent "surface" culture? How might this observation signify "deep" culture? Prepare a discussion question for your group based on the conclusions you arrive at here. The question should aim to explain the reason for and/or value of the cultural practice you've chosen:



Points Earned:

Professor's Comments:

1) Student names and discusses a substantial cultural practice and explains it in terms of "surface" culture and "deep" culture according the cultural iceberg.


____ / 50

10 20 30 40 50



2) Student's question draws attention toward and engages group about cultural differences/similarities between their home culture and the target culture. Student's language does not excessively generalize or stereotype. You should hypothesize using wording like: "could"; "might"; "seems"; "based on this limited viewpoint"; etc.


____ / 30


10 15 20 25 30


3) Student's question and explanation target and attempt to explain the significance of (what does it mean) and reason for (where might it come from) a specific cultural practice within the target culture. Student engages "how," "why."


____ / 20


5 10 15 20



____ / 100


Members must:

Complete an entry for table 1 above (Quotation/American Cultural Meaning/Italian Cultural Meaning).