Your assignment: Attend World Cultures Day and write a 500- to 750-word story about it. Include reaction comments from at least three sources. You will write as if the story is for publication in the next edition of The Sentinel. You are writing for the campus audience, which comprises faculty, staff and students.


Due date: Submit on Blackboard by midnight on Thursday, Oct. 13.



1. Personally attend the event and interview at least three people: at least one must be an official source (an organizer) or a participant (i.e., a presenter); and at least one should be a "real" person attending the event.


2. Make sure to ask for any information the organizers may have available, such as a website, brochure or flyer explaining the event, press release, etc.


3. Research the event. You need to know in advance:

   a.) who is sponsoring the event;

   b.) what is planned;

   c.) why it is being held;

   d.) how many people are expected to attend;

   e.) how the event is expected to impact the community


4.Write the story in inverted pyramid form or narrative form. Follow the guidelines of the story type as stipulated in the textbook.


5. Provide contact information - e-mail address and phone number - for each of your sources.


Make sure to include:


1. Quotes and attribution.


2. Factual details, particularly background information needed to tell readers why the event was held and what makes the story relevant to them.


3. Concrete details (what you observed about the person or situation while you were gathering information).


4. A headline and deck.


5. If you start with a narrative lead, include a nut graf.