Sample JN2000 Preparation Activities

-              Find examples of two leads that succeed in local or national papers or web sites. Explain what type of lead each is, and write why each lead works for that particular story. One paragraph per lead.

-              Find a news story that uses a nut graf. Identify the nut graf and explain why you believe it fits the description for a nut graf. Include a copy of the story.

-              Find news stories that exemplify the three different structures outlined in the text - an inverted pyramid story, a martini glass story and the kabob story - and bring them to class. For each, write a paragraph describing why you believe your story choices are good examples of those structures.

-              You have recently joined the Kansas City Star and have been assigned a beat. Which beat is it? Using the techniques you have learned about covering a beat, explain how you will prepare for effective beat reporting. Then describe three stories that fall under your beat that would be relevant, useful and interesting.

-              "It's My Turn"  You get to write an editorial for either the Kansas City Star or the Sentinel. Describe three specific topics you could write about and discuss why each would be a good choice. (One paragraph per topic; three paragraphs total.)

-              Find an example of an outstanding online media piece. What makes it outstanding? How does it meet the criteria outlined in the chapter? Write a one- to two-page critique of the story.