For your final project this semester, you will work in groups to create a multimedia story package. I will meet with each group in class on Tuesday, Dec. 6, to discuss your proposed project. You will complete the online package planner in class on Tuesday, Nov. 29. You will have the class period on Thursday, Dec. 8, to work in your groups.

You will present your project to the class on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
You will turn in a link to your project, and each of you will submit a group evaluation. The form for the group evaluation will be posted on Blackboard.

Your group's online package must include:

-        A website your group has created (Wix or WordPress are good options)

-        A main story of 500-750 words

-        At least three related hyperlinks

-        At least two original photos

-        At least three sidebars

-        At least two complementary multimedia elements (Examples: An audio clip you've collected, edited and posted; a video clip you've created; a table of information you've compiled; a Google map you've created; a photo gallery you've built, etc.) 

-        Direct quotes from four people



1.      Select a topic of interest to the Rockhurst University community.

2.     Write the story using the guidelines for digital journalism as discussed in class and in Chapter 8 of your textbook (for example, chunk your information, use bullet points, etc.).


3.     Be sure to include an appropriate headline and subheadings.


4.     Begin your story with an appropriate lead. You may choose whether to use a soft lead or a hard lead based on the subject and material. (Make sure to include a nut graph if you use a soft lead.)


5.     Each sidebar should be 75 - 150 words.


6.    Provide contact information (name, title [if appropriate], e-mail address and phone number) for your sources and turn it in with your story.


7.     Adhere to AP Style.


Your group should prepare a 15-minute presentation of your multimedia package.
Each group member should be included in the presentation. 


Due date: Tuesday, Dec. 13, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Points possible: 24



-        Include an introduction with an attention-getter and a preview of your main points

-        Discuss your group's rationale for your story

-        Talk about your group's decision-making process. How did you determine the elements you wanted to include? Were there other elements you considered but did not include? Why?

-        Describe each element of your multimedia package.

-        Briefly discuss what you learned from the project.

-        Be prepared for a short Q&A session.

-        Include a conclusion that wraps up your presentation. 

-        Include a visual aid.

-        Be sure to review the presentation rubric. 






Team members:





Not Acceptable






1.      Group's level of success in delivering a clear,
competent and accurate message





2.     Group's dynamism, enthusiasm and creativity





3.     Organization of content





4.     Visual aid(s)










5.     Smooth transitions





6.    Appropriate interaction with group members
and audience members





7.     Professional appearance of group members and supporting materials used during presentation





8.    Length of presentation, as assigned