Round Table Rubric:


Excellent/Very good


Needs Improvement


Very articulate and confident; Spoke clearly and at a natural pace; Used correct pronunciation all or most of the time (20-17pts)

Made an effort to speak at a natural pace; Used correct pronunciation much or most of the time. Pronunciation errors did not hinder comprehension. (17-14 pts)

May have seemed hesitant or uncomfortable speaking; Practice recommended with oral fluency or pronunciation. Some pronunciation errors may have hindered comprehension. (14-0pts)


Exemplary grammar; Correct verb conjugations and appropriate tenses; Used a variety of verbs, tenses, adjectives and sophisticated grammar (20-17 pts)

Good effort with basic grammar and verb tenses; If there were grammar errors they did not hinder the general understanding (17-14 pts)

Grammar review needed; Some errors may have made it difficult at times for peers to follow_(14-0 pts)


Clearly demonstrated awareness of differing cultural perspectives and a deep understanding of the stories we read. Used specific examples, and made many valid and interesting cultural comments and comparisons. (30-26 pts)

Demonstrated some cultural awareness and solid understanding of the stories. Some specific examples. Some cultural comparisons. (25-23 pts)

It was not clear if there had been preparation or general review of course content. Few precise examples; few cultural comparisons. Questionable understanding and/or interpretation of course materials. (22-0pts)

Interaction with Peers

Asked many relevant and interesting questions while also allowing others to speak and ask questions; Maintained eye contact with everyone; Generated an interactive conversation. (10-8 pts)

Asked some well-chosen questions; Reacted to peers; Established eye contact with everyone; Made an effort to help generate discussion


May have been hesitant to initiate, maintain conversation or elaborate; may not have asked questions or reacted to peers; communicative practice recommended



Clearly reviewed the key vocabulary from the contes, and used the words appropriately and in context to discuss them. Used no English whatsoever. (20-17 pts.)

Clearly reviewed the key vocabulary and generally used words appropriately, although some errors may have occurred. May have reverted to English once or twice. (17-14 pts.)

Unclear whether the vocabulary was reviewed. Many errors or omissions and/or reversion to English when appropriate word could not be found. (14-0 pts)