Choplin Coding Key

I read student work with at least six months distance from when their grades were submitted. My analysis involved noting the presence of the following in each Exploratory Essay:

- good use of textual evidence as proof of a claim (either the successful use of a citation from the text in the place of their own words or using a citation successfully to prove a point).

- bad use of textual evidence (i.e. a misinterpretation of the citation or a citation that did not connect to the point they were trying to make).

- offering a personal reflection and/or a cultural comparison to the self

- a cultural assumption not based on text or fact or not elaborated upon

- a cultural observation based on a course text or personal experience

- a missed citation opportunity


Additionally, I took note of occasions when students:

- explicitly expressed the evolution of their opinion/knowledge about Haitian and/or Quebecois culture

- explicitly expressed a recognition of their own privilege

- explicitly demonstrated awareness of their own cultural lens

- expressed a "save the world" mentality - i.e. they expressed an unnuanced way of presenting the problems of another culture in relation to their own.