Attas class activity 1



   The students were given a handout with five musical examples:

               -Mozart, Dies Irae from Requiem Mass

               -Schumann, Ich grolle nicht mm.5-9 (in anthology, p.365)

               -Brahms, Intermezzo in Bb minor Op.117 No.2 mm.1-7

               -Handel, Keyboard Suite No.7 in G minor, Passacaille

               -Mascagni, Cavalleria rusticana, Interlude

   I instructed the students to form groups of about 3-4 students. I instructed the groups to each begin with a different example; for each example, they should:

               -identify the sequence [the musical construct we were studying]

               -try to write a reduction: chords as block chords, upper voices

showing the regular 'copy-and-paste' pattern of model-copy-copy etc. [they had to write a simplified version of the music]

               -speculate as to the harmonic function [what purpose the musical construct was serving in the passage as a whole]


   Each example was played once or twice while groups were working.