Class Activity, MUS 211 Fall 2015


I wanted students to work on a music writing exercise that would incorporate many smaller concepts covered over the semester. Students were asked to work on the following assignment at the piano while I walked around the room.


key: D minor

time signature: 3/4

first phrase: T - PD - D - T that includes

- use of a P or N 6/4 to expand the tonic area

- use of a secondary dominant  or secondary LT chord to expand the predominant area

- use of either a cadential 6/4 or a V7 inversion to expand the dominant area


second phrase:

three chords in home key that match the first three from the first phrase

pivot chord

PD-D-T in new key that uses a cadential 6/4 to expand the dominant area


In the last ten minutes of class, I asked student volunteers to play their compositions. For homework, students were asked to revise their classwork to hand in at the following class period.