Analysis of Homework Assignment, MUS 211 Fall 2016


Six of 11 submitted assignments received a "check-plus" grade. The analysis assignments had the following features:


1. right RN, right harmonic rhythm, right cadence location and some attention to detail (changing inversions, presence of seventh)

2. right RN, right cadences and locations, too much detail (wrong harmonic rhythm)

3. right RN, too much detail (wrong harmonic rhythm)

4. right RN, too much detail (wrong harmonic rhythm), right cadences and locations

5. right RN, occasionally missing details (missed changes of inversion), right cadences

6. right RN, right level of detail, right cadences and location, sometimes thought it was more advanced than it was (demonstration of greater knowledge?)


It seems that the assignments that get check-plus have to have the right Roman numerals, and either sufficient detail or too much detail.