Pedagogical Strategy for WAs, MUS 211 Fall 2016



In class Oct.11:

gave a lecture on phrase structure in popular music and told them this would be needed for their WA2


In class Oct.20:

had time for discussion of WA2 prompt if necessary (there was a midterm exam and break which meant the timeline was longer)


Required by 8am on Oct.25:

students emailed me their chosen piece and a sound file


Optional by 8am on Oct.25:

students emailed me a thesis statement and musical examples to support it

(no one did this step)

Required by 8am on Oct.27:

students emailed me a draft


Optional Oct.28-Nov.7:

offered the chance to meet with me or to go to the Writing Center to discuss feedback and revisions

(none of them met with me over Skype, none went to the Writing Center, but 4 students emailed me another draft for feedback)


Required by 8am on Tuesday Nov.8:

students submitted a hard copy in class



In class Nov.10:

students gave presentations on songs that contained applied chords and discussed their analyses as a group. I told students that WA3 would have a similar topic, and that they could use the same song (and the in-class discussion) as starting points.


Required by 8am on Nov.29:

students emailed me a draft


(one student sent me a second draft)


Required by 8am on Dec.6:

students submitted hard copies in class