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Reflections from the Classroom

Please click the links below for past issues of Reflections from the Classroom (all pdfs).

2013-2014: Course Redesign
Authors: Emma Scioli, Mark Mort, Phil Baringer, Blair Schneider, and Andrea Greenhoot

2012-2013: Engaged and Active Learning
Authors: Robert Bayliss, Stephen Johnson, Susan Marshall, Daniel Hirmas, Jeffrey A. Hall, and Chad Kraus

2011-2012: The Overlap of Scholarship and Teaching
Authors: Danny Anderson, Ann Martinez, Elizabeth Friis, Donna Ginther, Chris Haufler, Celka Straughn, and Stacey Swearingen White

2010-2011: Collaborative Teaching
Authors: Andrea Greenhoot, Jeffrey A. Hall, Sheyda Jahanbani, Terese Thonus, Michael Vitevitch and Ann Martinez

2009-2010: Representing and Evaluating Student Learning
Authors: Gregory H. Rudnick, Kristine S. Bruss, Amy E. Rossomondo, L. Ayu Saraswati, Dan Bernstein

2008-2009 Teaching as Inquiry
Authors: Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Bonnie J. Johnson, Steven Schrock, Sonya J. Lancaster and Serguei B. Dolgopolskii

2007-08 Documenting Undergraduate and Graduate Learning Success
Authors: Wanda Bonnel & Kathleen Brewer; Tien-Tsung Lee & Chuck Marsh; Amy McNair & John Pultz; Holly Storkel, Debora Daniels, and Jane Wegner; Sara Wilson

2006-07: Making Small Changes in the Classroom
Authors: Susan E. King, Donita Massengill-Shaw, Jorge Perez, Holly Storkel, and Kim Warren

2005-06: Intentional Teaching at KU
Authors: Ann Cudd, Elizabeth Friis, Christopher Haufler, Todd D. Little, Beth Innocenti Manolescu, and Michael S. Vitevitch

2004-2005: Reflective Practices in the Classroom
Authors: Ruth Ann Atchley, Sharon Bass, Reva Friedman-Nimz, Jeffrey Olafsen, Anton Rosenthal, and Andi Witczak

2003-2004: Professors Speak Out
Authors: Paul Atchley, Janet Bond-Robinson, Sheryle J. Gallant, Joseph A. Heppert, Earle Knowlton, and C. R. Snyder

Fall 2002: Five Years into the Future

Fall 2001: Interdisciplinary Teaching

Fall 2000: Connections between Research and Teaching

Fall 1999: Undergraduate Research

Fall 1998: Challenges in the Quest for Teaching Excellence