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Reflections from the Classroom

Reflections from the Classroom


Reflections from the Classroom is an annual collection of essays on teaching written by notable instructors at KU. Each year, the collection covers a particular topic, such as “Course Redesign” or “Engaged and Active Learning.” First published by CTE in 1999, this publication is designed to speak to instructors across the university.

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NEW Spring 2020: Reflections from the Remote Classroom


Published Issues:

2017-18: Developing Teaching Community in Departments
Authors: Tara Welch, Joan Sereno and Allard Jongman, Cindy Colwell, Donald Haider-Markel, William Collins and Molly McVey, Sean Gullickson and Rob Bayliss

2016-17: Reflections 2016-17: The First 20 Years
Authors: Judy Eddy, Sandra Gautt, Christopher Haufler, Fred Rodriguez, Daniel Bernstein, Daniel Hirmas, and Andrea Follmer Greenhoot

2015-2016: Turning Points in Teaching
Authors: Andrea Greenhoot, Dorice Williams Elliott, Bob Goldstein, Carl W. Luchies, Robert C. Rowland, Sandra L. Zimdar-Swartz,Debra Hedden, Dan Spencer, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Joey Sprague, and Anton Rosenthal

2013-2014: Course Redesign
Authors: Emma Scioli, Mark Mort, Phil Baringer, Blair Schneider, and Andrea Greenhoot

2012-2013: Engaged and Active Learning
Authors: Robert Bayliss, Stephen Johnson, Susan Marshall, Daniel Hirmas, Jeffrey A. Hall, and Chad Kraus

2011-2012: The Overlap of Scholarship and Teaching
Authors: Danny Anderson, Ann Martinez, Elizabeth Friis, Donna Ginther, Chris Haufler, Celka Straughn, and Stacey Swearingen White

2010-2011: Collaborative Teaching
Authors: Andrea Greenhoot, Jeffrey A. Hall, Sheyda Jahanbani, Terese Thonus, Michael Vitevitch and Ann Martinez

2009-2010: Representing and Evaluating Student Learning
Authors: Gregory H. Rudnick, Kristine S. Bruss, Amy E. Rossomondo, L. Ayu Saraswati, Dan Bernstein

2008-2009 Teaching as Inquiry
Authors: Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Bonnie J. Johnson, Steven Schrock, Sonya J. Lancaster and Serguei B. Dolgopolskii

2007-08 Documenting Undergraduate and Graduate Learning Success
Authors: Wanda Bonnel & Kathleen Brewer; Tien-Tsung Lee & Chuck Marsh; Amy McNair & John Pultz; Holly Storkel, Debora Daniels, and Jane Wegner; Sara Wilson

2006-07: Making Small Changes in the Classroom
Authors: Susan E. King, Donita Massengill-Shaw, Jorge Perez, Holly Storkel, and Kim Warren

2005-06: Intentional Teaching at KU
Authors: Ann Cudd, Elizabeth Friis, Christopher Haufler, Todd D. Little, Beth Innocenti Manolescu, and Michael S. Vitevitch

2004-2005: Reflective Practices in the Classroom
Authors: Ruth Ann Atchley, Sharon Bass, Reva Friedman-Nimz, Jeffrey Olafsen, Anton Rosenthal, and Andi Witczak

2003-2004: Professors Speak Out
Authors: Paul Atchley, Janet Bond-Robinson, Sheryle J. Gallant, Joseph A. Heppert, Earle Knowlton, and C. R. Snyder

Fall 2002: Five Years into the Future

Fall 2001: Interdisciplinary Teaching

Fall 2000: Connections between Research and Teaching

Fall 1999: Undergraduate Research

Fall 1998: Challenges in the Quest for Teaching Excellence