Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

PTC Program Details

When you first join a PTC triad:

  • Describe the class you are studying in the PTC program and its meeting times/location.
  • Describe what you want to get out of the program, where you are in the P&T timeline, and whether those two points are related.

Getting started:

  • Exchange syllabi.
  • Identify course goals, rationale behind course design, and your teaching question(s).
  • Arrange a meeting to discuss your syllabi and goals.
  • Schedule classroom visits: A visits B, B visits C, and C visits A. Consider how many classroom visits each member wants to make.

Class visits:

  • Before: Send assignment descriptions and assigned readings/activities to your class visitor.
  • During: Use discussion prompts (see below) to organize notes and comments.
  • After: Discuss how well observed goals/outcomes matched what the instructor intended.


  • Give your peer class visitor representative (high, mid, low) examples of student work. Discuss how you evaluate student performance, and describe overall student performance on the assignment. Identify areas with high levels of understanding and areas where students struggled.
  • Schedule a team meeting to reflect on how well your goals were met. Compare levels of student performance across group members’ courses—are there common themes?
  • If you wish, each visitor may write a brief (1-2 paragraph) memo that integrates visits and discussions. These memos can document your continuous inquiry into learning.