Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Peer Teaching Commentary Program

three faculty members discussing teachingThe Center for Teaching Excellence Peer Teaching Commentary (PTC) program offers faculty and instructional staff members a way to reflect on your teaching as a process, with support and input from two peers. PTC members meet for about five hours over a semester (more or less, as you choose) and provide feedback to each other on teaching and student learning. Participants can come from the same department or from a related field of study, or teach a similar form of class (e.g., graduate seminar, large undergraduate class).

What will you do in the PTC program?
You and your peers can exchange syllabi for one of your courses, discuss learning goals, observe each other’s classes, and review samples of student work. At the end of the semester, triad members can summarize their reflections about what they learned from the interactions. These reflections can document your growth as a teacher. You can use this material for annual reports and/or promotion and tenure files, or simply keep the material for yourself. Essentially, group members determine exactly what will happen in their group.

Learn more details about the steps your triad will take and see example discussion prompts.

Why consider becoming part of a PTC triad?
As a PTC participant, you’ll:

  • Meet with colleagues who are examining a teaching question similar to one you may have.
  • Develop insights into your teaching and your students’ learning, and perfect your practice.
  • Bring collaboration into your teaching by sharing what you’re learning with your PTC triad.
  • Document your experience, either for yourself or to represent your teaching for reviews.

This program is appropriate for both new and experienced teachers. It provides new faculty members with an opportunity to hone their teaching skills through a time-efficient, no-risk program. It provides experienced faculty members with an opportunity to share some of the things they have learned as teachers and to discover new ideas they can implement in their courses. Wherever you are on this spectrum, you have much to offer.

How do you join a PTC triad?
Contact CTE and let us know you’re interested in being part of a triad. Be ready to specify:

  • Three teaching questions you’d like to explore;
  • Whether you want to work with colleagues in your general discipline or with colleagues
    from other disciplines;
  • Whether you’re focusing on self-reflections on teaching or documentation for reviews.

We’re generating lists of faculty and instructional staff members who would like to participate in this program. Once we have matches, we’ll notify everyone in that group.

For more information, contact Susan Williams at, Judy Eddy at, or call CTE at 864-4199.