Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Lecturer Resources

In a 2011 survey, we found that lecturers often wished they had had greater knowledge about various teaching strategies before starting classes. These topics included: grading issues, how to be engaging and effective, lecturing, classroom management, and balancing expectations.

This link to assessing students’ learning provides information on grading and assessing learning. Additionally, CTE has developed short videos (called “2-Minute Mentors”) that provide suggestions from KU faculty and instructional staff members on designing and grading assignments and evaluating learning using exams.

It can be difficult to feel like you are engaging your students fully, particularly in a large lecture class. Visit our webpages on lecturing and presenting and teaching large classes for ideas.

There are several facets to classroom management; visit our webpages that include information about getting the most out of class time and motivating students. 2-Minute Mentor videos on this subject include optimizing class time and using technology effectively.

You might find that your expectations and those of your students are not always aligned. How can you address that imbalance? In the video "About KU Students," faculty members discuss establishing clear expectations, and another 2-Minute Mentor video focuses on time management.

For additional resources, contact Judy Eddy at or 785.864.4100.