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Application for Use of Active Learning Classrooms

The number of active learning classrooms is limited and demand is high. University staff and administrators will use the information on this form to make decisions on how best to assign those rooms. The goal is to match instructors with rooms that best fit their style of teaching and the size of their classes.

Additional pedagogical training will significantly improve an instructor’s chances of being assigned an active learning room. Some opportunities to gain this training include the following: Regular participation in meetings of the C21 consortium, which is led by the Center for Teaching Excellence. Participation in the Best Practices Institute at CTE. (The institute meets each May. Applications are due in April.) Participation in a CTE faculty seminar, a department pedagogy workshop, relevant CTE lunch workshops or relevant breakout sessions at the annual Teaching Summit. Participation in workshops at conferences like the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Participation in pedagogy workshops at disciplinary conferences.
Before using an active learning, an instructor must complete a one-hour session on how to use the equipment and the space. This can be arranged through Classroom Support. Once instructors have completed the training for an individual room, they do not need to repeat it unless the technology or room configuration changes.
Please include the days your class will meet as well as class start and end times.

Support for Fall Flex Teaching!

CTE has created a website for helping faculty create flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online. Visit the Flex Teaching site.