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C21 Posters

Faculty presented the following posters during the May 8 C21 Poster Session.

"Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practicum in Lower-Level Undergraduate Engineering Courses"
Preetham Burugupally, Duncan Maclachlan, Tristan Yount, Omid Farshadfar, Bob Lyon, & Caroline Bennett (School of Engineering)

"Classics 148: Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology"
Emma Scioli (Classics)

"Composition and Performance in the Freshman Music Theory Classroom as a Result of Flipped Course Design"
Brad Osborn (Music Theory)

"Economic Systems (ECON 560): Facilitating Deeper Discussion with a Flipped Design)
Dietrich Earnhart (Economics) GIF imagePDF file

"The Game of PSYC 104 General Psychology"
Marsha McCartney & Susan Marshall (Psychology)

"Improving Students' Ability to Visualize Natural Forces in the Production of Higher Performing Buildings"
Shannon Criss (Architecture)

"Restructuring BIOL 152: Principles of Organismal Biology to Incorporate Active Learning and Student-Engagement with Scientific Data"
Kathy Roccaforte, David Hall, Mark Mort, Trever Rivers, & Chris Haufler (Ecology & Environmental Biology)

"Social & Cultural Sources of the Self (PSYC 415): An Autobiographical Photography Assignment"
Matt Baldwin (Psychology)

"Strengthening Problem Solving & Laboratory Skills in Physics 211 & 216"
Michael Murray (Physics & Astronomy)

"Team Based Learning: Fostering Engaged Learning, Out-of-Class Preparation Habits, and Collaborative Skills"
Ward Lyles (Urban Planning)

"Using Project-Based Learning to Stimulate Creativity in an Undergraduate Engineering Software Course"
Preetham Burugupally, Isaac Chappell, Bardiya Akhbari, Huazhen Fang, & Caroline Bennett (School of Engineering)

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