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French, Francophone, & Italian Studies

The Department of French, Francophone, & Italian Studies is working to change their department’s model of peer observation into something that can be used constructively to improve pedagogical practices, as well as course design and implementation. They will pilot the use of the rubric with six members of the department using a triad model to enhance the role peer observations play in the evaluation of teaching process. They will use the triad model in combination with the rubric to initiate a reflective teaching process that provides instructors with the support and input from two peers. The use of this model is ideal considering one of their major goals is to make the peer review of teaching process more of an ongoing dialogue instead of a closed process.

The department feels the use of the rubric and triad system will allow them to better illustrate reflective teaching, provide more extensive evaluations, and provide a better way to mentor new faculty, as well as collectively share ideas. Also, an incidental benefit will be that it will help better prepare their faculty for promotion and tenure, as well as providing better mentorship to faculty at all levels.

CTE turns 25

The Center for Teaching Excellence is celebrating its 25th birthday this academic year. Watch for special events and workshops.