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2021 Learning in STEM Posters
These 2021 Course Transformation Posters focus on Teaching and Learning in STEM Courses. These posters present a wide spectrum of pedagogical initiatives in STEM courses, including targeting higher-level learning, incorporating in-class activities, enhancing online learning, and supporting inquiry-based teaching and learning. The posters provide examples from many subjects in the STEM fields, such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Overall, these posters show the exciting course transformation developments in STEM courses at KU.


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Inclusive Teaching in a Pandemic: Quickly Switching Courses and Addressing New Problems (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Jennifer M. Gleason, Department of Ecology & Evolutinoary Biology

Jenny Gleason 


File folder image and link for poster materialsAligning Active Learning and Real-World Application in CHEM 635: Instrumental Analysis (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Meredith Hartley, Department of Chemistry

Meredith Hartley 


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Enhancing Online Calculus to Include Flipped Elements (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Daniel James, Department of Mathematics

Daniel James  


Transforming a Statistical Research Class into a Data Science Course (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Xiaohong Cai, Jiin Jung, Marsha McCartney, & Timothy J. Pleskac, Department of Psychology and Chris Niileksela, School of Education & Human Sciences

Xiaohong Cai Jiin Jung Marsha McCartney Timothy Pleskac Chris Niileksela


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Adding Scaffolding for Inclusivity to an Introductory Ecology Course (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Daniel Reuman, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Daniel Reuman  


File folder image and link to poster materials

Understand the Misunderstanding: Development of Concept Inventory for General Chemistry (.docx, .pdf, .pptx)

Shuai Sun, Department of Chemistry

Daniel Reuman  


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