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The Bernstein Award for Future Faculty recognizes KU graduate students who have approached their teaching as inquiry into learning. This spring, the $500 award will honor one graduate student who is pursuing a career in academia. 



An applicant must be a doctoral candidate who has passed the comprehensive exam, is in good standing in a program based on the Lawrence campus, and is nearing the end of a graduate degree. Each applicant must have had at least two semesters with significant teaching responsibilities as a graduate student at KU. Note that the award is designed to honor a student who will graduate in calendar year 2020.


Application process

Submit a 1000-word (maximum) application. In a brief introductory statement, indicate where you are in your graduate program and what your plans are after you graduate. Describe how you have been involved with teaching work within your department or more broadly. The rest of your application should focus on onecourse you taught at KU and address these points:

  1. Identify the context in which you taught the course. How many times? Include year(s) and semester(s)brief description of students (number enrolled, under/upper division), and how the course fits into the university and/or department curriculum.
  2. Describe a major learning goal you focused on for the students in that course, and why.
  3. What approaches and assignment(s) did you use to accomplish that goal?
  4. What did you learn from student performance on the assignment(s)? How did you/will you modify the course the next time it was/will be offered?


Faculty Letter of Support

Applications must also include a letter from a faculty member who is familiar with the applicant’s teaching. The faculty member should address the applicant’s role in the course and the quality of work described in the applicationrather than a testimonial. By April 6, the letter should be submitted online at 

Send applications to Judy Eddy at no later than April 6, and indicate the date that the online letter of support was submitted and the name of the faculty member who submitted it. 

Members of the advisory board for the Center for Teaching Excellence will review applications and identify the award recipient by the end of April.


Recipient information

The award is funded through the KU Endowment Association. The recipient will receive a check from KUEA in Summer 2020. The recipient will be asked to attend the CTE Celebration of Teaching on May 8 at 3:30 p.m. The event will include the Bernstein Award presentation.



Contact Judy Eddy, Center for Teaching Excellence, at or 785-864-4100.


About the Award

The Bernstein Award for Future Faculty was established in 2014 in honor of Dan Bernstein, who served as CTE’s director for 12 years. 

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