Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

2-Minute Mentor Videos:

Online Resources for KU Faculty and Instructional Staff Members

Each 2-Minute Mentor link features a short (two-minute) video discussion and a couple of quick hits about these teaching topics:

Link to About KU Students
About KU Students
Link to Cognitive Apprenticeship
Cognitive Apprenticeship
Link to Course Design
Course Design
Link to Designing Assignments
Designing Assignments
Link to Evaluating Learning
Evaluating Learning
Link to Evaluating Students' Clinical Experiences
Clinical Experiences
Link to Critical Thinking
Fostering Critical Thinking
Link to Iterative Assignments
Iterative Assignments
Link to Optimizing Class Time
Optimizing Class Time
Link to Other Academic Misonduct
Other Academic Misconduct
Link to Representing Your Teaching
Representing Teaching
Link to Responding to Plagiarism
Responding to Plagiarism
Link to Teaching Graduate Seminars
Graduate Seminars
Link to Teaching Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Link to Threshold Concepts
Threshold Concepts
Link to Time Management
Time Management
Link to Using Course Evaluation Data
Using Course Evaluation Data
Link to Using Technology Creatively
Using Technology