Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Teaching Matters

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Fall 2017: Authentic Learning

Spring 2017: 20 Years and Counting

Fall 2016: Inclusion and Equity in KU Classrooms

Spring 2016: Evidence of Student Learning

Fall 2015: Teaching Outside the Box

Spring 2015: Teaching Collaborations

Fall 2014: Making Teacher-Student Connections

Spring 2014: Community

November 2013: Graduate Student Education

September 2013: Teaching Postdocs & C21

March 2013: The Future of Teaching at KU

September 2012: New Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Spring 2012: Course Redesign

December 2011: Challenges to the Profession

October 2011: Hybrid Learning

February 2011: Foundations for Learning

November 2010: Peer Teaching Commentary

September 2010: Professional Education

February 2010: Student Achievement

November 2009: Teaching Millennials

September 2009: New Ways for Students to Represent Learning

February 2009: Assessing Student Learning at the University Level

November 2008: Engaged Learning

October 2008: Formative Peer Review

February 2008: A CTE Retrospective

November 2007: Community-Engaged Learning

September 2007: GTA Preparation for Teaching

February 2007: Teaching as Inquiry

November 2006: Making Teaching Enjoyable

September 2006: Meeting Unit-Level Goals for Teaching

February 2006: Capturing Students’ Time Outside of Class

November 2005: Evaluating Teaching

September 2005: Teaching Efficiently

April 2005: Collaborative Learning

February 2005: Undergraduate Research

October 2004: General Education at KU

January 2004: Writing Matters at KU

November 2003: Inclusive Teaching Means Better Teaching

September 2003: Responsibilities for Student Learning

April 2003: The Engaged Learner

January 2003: Graduate Education

November 2002: Motivation

August 2002: Good Beginnings