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Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters


Every semester, CTE publishes Teaching Matters, a newsletter that contains articles and information on important innovations in teaching at KU. Edited by CTE’s Judy Eddy, recent issues cover such topics as “Inclusion and Equity,” “Teaching Outside the Box,” and, most recently, “Authentic Learning.”

Please click the links below for past issues of Teaching Matters (2019 and earlier are PDFs).

NEW Fall 2020 E-Newsletter: What's Worked Well: Bright Spots from Fall 2020

Published Issues:

    Summer 2020: Engaging Ideas for Flexible Teaching. Click here for supplemental materials.

Spring 2020: Reflections from the Remote Classroom

Fall 2019: Making a Difference in Student Success

Spring 2019: Telling the Story of Student Learning

Fall 2018: Teaching in a Digital Age

Spring 2018: Evaluating Teaching

Fall 2017: Authentic Learning

Spring 2017: 20 Years and Counting

Fall 2016: Inclusion and Equity in KU Classrooms

Spring 2016: Evidence of Student Learning

Fall 2015: Teaching Outside the Box

Spring 2015: Teaching Collaborations

Fall 2014: Making Teacher-Student Connections

Spring 2014: Community

November 2013: Graduate Student Education

September 2013: Teaching Postdocs & C21

March 2013: The Future of Teaching at KU

September 2012: New Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Spring 2012: Course Redesign

December 2011: Challenges to the Profession

October 2011: Hybrid Learning

February 2011: Foundations for Learning

November 2010: Peer Teaching Commentary

September 2010: Professional Education

February 2010: Student Achievement

November 2009: Teaching Millennials

September 2009: New Ways for Students to Represent Learning

February 2009: Assessing Student Learning at the University Level

November 2008: Engaged Learning

October 2008: Formative Peer Review

February 2008: A CTE Retrospective

November 2007: Community-Engaged Learning

September 2007: GTA Preparation for Teaching

February 2007: Teaching as Inquiry

November 2006: Making Teaching Enjoyable

September 2006: Meeting Unit-Level Goals for Teaching

February 2006: Capturing Students’ Time Outside of Class

November 2005: Evaluating Teaching

September 2005: Teaching Efficiently

April 2005: Collaborative Learning

February 2005: Undergraduate Research

October 2004: General Education at KU

January 2004: Writing Matters at KU

November 2003: Inclusive Teaching Means Better Teaching

September 2003: Responsibilities for Student Learning

April 2003: The Engaged Learner

January 2003: Graduate Education

November 2002: Motivation

August 2002: Good Beginnings