Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources provides information designed to help you develop, improve, and advance your teaching practices.

Design and Teach a Course helps set you on a productive teaching path with practical information like preparing a syllabus and making good use of in-class time. Also in this section is a collection of videos in which KU faculty members discuss best teaching practices. Each video is accompanied by additional resources and links to helpful information on the CTE and KU web sites.

Developing Teaching provides both theoretical and practical information on a wide variety of more advanced teaching topics, such as course redesign, hybrid/online teaching, cognitive apprenticeship, and the challenges and rewards of teaching graduate students.

Documenting Teaching will help you learn how to represent your teaching practices to colleagues and your department, using tools like peer observations, teaching portfolios, and student surveys.

CTE Publications will take you to a list of resources published by the KU Center for Teaching Excellence. This includes the Teaching Matters newsletter, an essential guide to teaching at KU, the GTA resource book, and a rubric for teaching evaluation.

For additional help developing your teaching, please see KU Resources and CTE's Teaching Portfolio gallery.

GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program

GTAs: The link to the application form for the GTA Flex and Online Teaching Program is now available. It can be accessed here. 

Flex Teaching

CTE has created a website for helping faculty create flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online. Visit the Flex Teaching site.