CTE Lunch and Conversation:

Advising and Mentoring Grad Students from the Beginning to the End

March 25, 2008

Linda Stone-Ferrier – History of Art Department

Joane Nagel – Sociology Department


In the Beginning:

-     Recruiting strategies

-     Interviewing with prospective doctoral students

-     Declining taking on a doctoral advisee


Graduate Seminar/Coursework Level:

-     Mapping the disciplinary landscape: 'players' and scholars

-     Learning the ins and outs of publishing

-     Getting teaching experience

-     Writing and revising: abstracts and multiple drafts

-     Getting dissertation chapters from seminar papers

-     Value of taking interdisciplinary courses

-     Nominating students for awards


PhD Comprehensive Written and Oral Exams:

-     Qualifying exams as marketing devices

-     Demystifying PhD comprehensive exam process

-     Surviving the oral comprehensive exam and oral defense

-     Identifying dissertation topics from subject area exams


PhD Dissertations:

-     Challenges of conducting research off-campus & abroad

-     Funding dissertation research

-     Importance of a well-developed dissertation proposal

-     Designing a student-faculty dissertation contract

-     Editing/critiquing the dissertation—how much?

-     Attending conferences—help or hindrance to writing?

-     Attending research talks and defenses of other students


In the End:

-     Coaching the non-research aspects of job interviews

-     Scheduling practice job talks & mock interviews

-     Attending local candidate job talks

-     Writing a strong letter and advocating for your student