Student Presentations

SW 843: Personnel Management, Team Building, & Workplace Diversity



OBJECTIVE: To critically evaluate the assigned course readings on a particular week, identify additional supportive readings, work as a team with other classmates, and train the class on the topic chosen for that date.


On the first day of class, students will sign up with 1-2 other classmates for a particular class day to train the class on the appropriate topic using the assigned readings and 3 additional readings from the literature. Students will be responsible for presenting and critically evaluating the readings by reflecting on the purpose and nature of the articles, how they tied in with other course readings, and how they intend to apply these readings to their work. Each team of students will also prepare and distribute a bibliography that includes the work cited in their presentation; there should be at least 3 different peer-reviewed references per student on the bibliography.


The grade for this assignment includes how well the students present the information, work together as a team, engage their classmates in a discussion, and critically evaluate the readings. Students will have one hour for their presentation and will be evaluated by the classmates at the end of their presentation. Additionally, students will write a 1-2 page reflection paper that includes their own and their team's critique of the strengths, limitations, and revisions to be made on the presentation as well as a critique of the evaluations from their classmates. The reflection paper must be typewritten and follow APA format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins).



A sign-up sheet will be available the first day of class. The presentations will be done on the following weeks:


March 15 & 30

April 6, 20, & 27


The assignment is to be electronically posted in the Digital Drop Box on Blackboard no later than noon the week following the presentation. Please make sure that you "Send" your assignment; if you only "Add" the assignment, I will not be able to retrieve it. Once graded, I will post your assignment in the Digital Drop Box and then send an e-mail indicating that your graded paper is posted.