Organizational Analysis


OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyze your organizational setting and context, setting the stage for the job analysis and performance appraisal process.




1)             You are expected to describe your agency or organization, ideally your field practicum. This description will serve as the beginning of your other assignments (job analysis and performance appraisals).


2)             Develop a 7-8-page paper not including references, charts, or a cover page. It must be typewritten and follow APA format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins) and include proper references when appropriate.


3)             Organize the various parts of your paper with the section headings provided (headings are identified in bold). Be sure you answer all subsections of each heading.






1.     Organizational Setting (10%)

-      Describe the organization.

-      What are the demographics of the staff & clients?

-      What services are provided?


2.     Management Practices (20%)

-      Which management theory does your organization subscribe to? Use Chapter 3 from Weinbach as a guide for this section.

-      Critique the use of the adopted theory. Describe the strengths, limitations, and challenges of the implemented theory.

-      If you could, would you keep the existing management theory? Why or why not? If not, which theory would you suggest and why?


3.     Organizational Climate (25%)

-      What is the climate of the organization? The guiding philosophy? The stated and unstated values?

-      According to Taylor & Giannantonio, which type of organization is your organization? What are the human resource needs?

-      How are decisions made in your organization?

-      How do individuals form relationships, adapt to the environment, and terminate?


4.     Diversity Orientation (25%)

-      What is the diversity orientation at your organization? Critique your organization's emphasis on diversity based on the readings from Session Three.

-      What strategies does your organization implement to create a diverse orientation?


5.     Conclusion (10%)

-      Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion to this assignment.

-      How did this analysis impact your overall learning?

-      How did this assignment help you in relation to the course readings and materials?



Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:


a)     The clarity with which you introduce and describe your organization and other key components of this assignment; and

b)    Your conclusions, including a description of your overall learning and its relation to the course readings and material.




The assignment is to be electronically posted in the Digital Drop Box on Blackboard no later than noon on February 16. Please make sure that you "Send" your assignment; if you only "Add" the assignment, I will not be able to retrieve it. Once graded, I will post your assignment in the Digital Drop Box and then send an e-mail indicating that your graded paper is posted.