Was the discussion of ethics useful and/or interesting?


--The discussion of ethics was very interesting and I believe later in my career will be extremely useful, hence I plan on taking the course of ethics in engineering my senior year.


--Yes.  It was a unique way of approaching applications of chemistry and business decisions.


--The ethics portion was taught better in this class than my other classes.


--Provided a little extra subject matter to the course, outside of tradition chemistry realms.


--Totally!  I love the model you've given us and already plan to use it in other courses and more importantly, in future decision in my career.


--Definitely useful in gaining a broader view of what others' opinions might be, but you can't force people to be ethical


Was the time spent on ethics too much, too little, or about right?


-I think the class time was a little short but once again it was present in class and it is our responsibility to do the other work on our own.


-About right.  Could have been more, but that might have gotten redundant, since arguments were basically the same.


-Again, personally I think ethics are interesting and would like to go deeper it, but for this class that should not really be the focus.  I think the time was about right.


-Just right.


-We didn't spend too much time on it, so about right.


-Just right.  Kept the focus on chemistry but still took the time to look at the issues from another discipline's POV.


-Could probably use some more, try to get people to be more open minded about all possible reasons behind why people might do what they do.