Tax Research ACC731 - Course Specific Goals, Learning Strategies, and Assessment Matrix
Essential Questions: What does it mean to be a tax professional?
How do tax professionals act as advocates for their clients and uphold professional standards?
How does tax policy serve communities?
                Learning Strategies       Assessment Method  
    Significant Learning Goals   Classroom Assignments   Formative or Summative  
Foundational 1) understand the research process     Lab and lecture Tax software HW   HW (F)      
Knowledge 2) compare prof. standards under IRS and AICPA   Lecture   Writing on prof. stnds   writing assignment and quizzes (F & S)
    3) analyze client facts and prepare documents   Lecture &online support Client case memos   cases (F)  
    in support of tax positions              
Application Identify tax issues, research and communicate solutions   Lab   Case briefs     case brief (F)    
        Small group discussion Client case memos   cases (F)  
Integration Conduct tax planning to apply law in new areas   Simulation Tax planning cases   cases (F)      
        Lecture   Tax policy papers      
                Small grp. discussion              
Self understanding Display teamwork skills           Group paper on tax policy paper (S)      
    Create tax policy proposals       Case brief presentations group and individual assessment (F&S)
            Financial workshop   presentation assessment (S)  
Commitment to Understand the role of tax professionals in     Outside speakers/DIP Develop and present tax proposals paper and presentation (S)  
Community serving clients and developing tax policy and   Listen to webcasts Conduct information workshops workshop assessment (S)  
(Citizenship) acting upon it         small group work