What level of art examination skills does the writing convey?


High: Clear textual evidence is used to build and support a compelling argument or worthwhile insights about the work of art. It is clear from the writing that the student has solid art examination skills. The writing is interesting and thoughtful. It may or may not combine personal insights.


Moderate: Some textual evidence is used. That evidence is used to form an argument or provide insights, but it may be weaker in its use of evidence than writing at the high level. The paper may also present an argument or insights that are not as strong or compelling as a high example. The paper may rely too much on personal insights or may fail to effectively connect those insights with the text.


Low: Very little to no textual evidence is used and/or the paper may fail to make an argument or offering interesting insights. The writing may be vague. It may also be so subjective and "impressionistic" that it leads one to question how well the student understood or even examined the work.