Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community


CTE offers several programs and funding opportunities for faculty members who are interested in improving their teaching practices. More specifically, we support instructors who want to pursue course transformation, incorporate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and become involved in an intellectual community of instructors. In addition, we also have resources for both new and experienced GTAs at KU. Many of these programs and projects contain opportunities for faculty funding, and all of them represent CTE’s mission to support instructors who want to develop as teachers.

We update the pages below as we develop new programs, projects, partnerships, and funding opportunities. Please check back regularly for the most up-to-date information.


  • Access and Eligibility Information
  • Best Practices Institute (BPI)
  • Department Teaching Grants
  • Course Transformation Grants
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Ideas-to-Action
  • Curriculum Innovation Program
  • January Jumpstart
  • Trestle
  • Teaching Demos
  • Past Offerings 


  • Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness
  • Teaching Summit
  • Teaching Scholarship Collaborative
  • Faculty Seminar
  • Zhejiang Normal University Faculty Professional Development Program [2019-2020]


  • Diversity Scholars [2016-2019]
  • Difficult Discussions
  • Inclusive Teaching Workshops


  • Student Learning Symposium
  • Assessment Workshops
  • Consultations
  • Stem Analytics Program


  • New GTA Conference
  • GTA Tutorial Resources
  • Teaching the ‘Whole Student’
  • Final Fridays Workshop Series [Fall 2020]
  • GTA Teaching Development Group [Fall 2020]
  • Graduate Seminar Modules
  • Consultations
  • CTE Essential Guide to Teaching
  • Bernstein Award for Future Faculty
  • Past Offerings


News & Notes

Spring 2021: Revolutionizing Academia: Engaging Anti-Racism and Restructuring Curricular Practices Workshop is now full.

Please contact Judy Eddy at if you'd like to be put on the waitlist. 

  • Friday, 2/12/21 @ 2:00pm-3:30pm: Deconstructing Racism and Colonialism in the Classroom
  • Friday, 3/05/21 @ 2:00pm-3:30pm: Engaging Anti-Racism and Resisting Colonial Curricular Practices
  • Friday, 4/02/21 @ 2:00pm-3:30pm: Disrupting Systems in Academia 

Spring 2021: Join our CTE Learning Community: Teaching at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) on Zoom

  • Thursday, 2/11/21 @ 11:00am-11:55am: The Importance of Language:  What Instructors Want to Be Called
  • Monday, 2/22/21 @ 2:00pm-2:55pm: Band-aids v. Sustainable Change on Campus
  • Thursday, 3/11/21 @ 11:00am-11:55am: Getting Caught Off Guard and Confronting Students’ “-isms”
  • Monday, 3/22/21 @ 2:00pm-2:55pm: Topic to be decided by learning community
  • Thursday, 4/8/21 @ 11:00am-11:55am: Topic to be decided by learning community
  • Monday, 4/19/21 @ 2:00pm-2:55pm: Topic to be decided by learning community

See how CTE is leading the shift to flexible teaching at KU.

Visit the Flex Teaching sitewhich provides help for creating flexible courses that can shift between in-person and online.