Building KU's Teaching and Learning Community

Program Access and Eligibility Policy

The following CTE programs and services are available without charge to all KU faculty and staff members with instructional responsibilities, including part-time faculty/staff and graduate teaching assistants:

  • Workshops and discussion forums (Lunch & Conversation, Teaching Teas, Essential Teaching Practices, etc.): Including the annual KU Summit, presentations by KU faculty members at CTE, and workshops by speakers from outside KU.
  • Resources: CTE publications (Teaching Matters, Reflections From the Classroom) are sent to all Lawrence campus faculty members. Instructional staff and GTAs who have requested to receive copies also receive these publications. Materials in the CTE library are available for check out by all teachers as listed above, as well.
  • Individual teaching conferences: Any teacher as listed above may schedule an individual teaching conference with a CTE staff member. Teaching conferences may include syllabus review, class observation, student work analysis, and student evaluation analysis.
  • Working groups: Any teacher as listed above may participate in a CTE Working Group (Science, Large Class, etc.).
  • Celebration of Teaching: Tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty members may be recognized at this annual event. Instructional staff members and GTAs are not eligible.

Eligibility* for Faculty Seminar and Best Practices Institute is limited to:

  • Tenure-track faculty members
  • Faculty-equivalent academic staff
  • Librarians
  • Lecturers with an ongoing appointment of 50% or more and at least three years of service to KU
  • Full-time unclassified staff with instructional responsibilities

*NOTE: Priority will be given to applications from (a) tenure-track faculty and (b) faculty equivalent academic staff and librarians with substantial instructional responsibilities (e.g., clinical faculty members).

Adopted by CTE’s advisory board, TEAM, on 2 February 2007

Updated 18 February 2009