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Faculty Seminar

faculty members discussing teaching practicesThe Faculty Seminar gives faculty and instructional staff members an opportunity to represent and reflect on your teaching accomplishments. You’ll also learn how various teaching strategies can result in better learning.

What will you do in the Faculty Seminar?
You’ll meet five times during the semester with a small group of other teachers, and you’ll read several cutting-edge works on the scholarship of interdisciplinary teaching. In the sessions, you’ll discuss the readings and develop a plan for:

  1. A significant change in an existing course in which you wish to introduce a substantial interdisciplinary component,
  2. Revision of an existing interdisciplinary course to address problems or new goals, or
  3. Development of a new course that is interdisciplinary in nature. Courses may be co-taught, and one or both instructors may apply for the Faculty Seminar.

The seminar requires independent work on teaching. It’s best suited for faculty members who have some experience reflecting on their teaching and success with improving student learning.

How will you benefit from participating in it?
In addition to what you’ll gain from the readings and discussions, you’ll also:

  • Complete the first steps of creating a teaching portfolio
  • Develop a strategic plan to improve the quality of your teaching and know howto demonstrate that quality

After developing your plan, you’ll receive a $1,250 instructional fund you can use for materials, travel, or hourly help for teaching projects, including research on teaching and learning.

When is the application deadline?
The call for Faculty Seminar applications is on hold. If the program will be offered in Fall 2013, we'll send notices out late spring or early summer.

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