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CTE Travel Fund

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides travel funds for faculty members through the Teaching-Related Education and Travel (TREAT) program. This program is designed to encourage Lawrence campus faculty members to explore cutting-edge work being done in teaching, helping them become part of the national and international communities of excellence in teaching. The primary purpose of the TREAT program is not to support travel for presentations; rather, the program’s purpose is to deepen faculty members’ understanding of and interest in the scholarship of teaching.

Information for Summer 2016 funds is available as a Word document or as a PDF. Applications are due March 24 and participants will be chosen and notified by April 18.

Award amounts may vary; the maximum amount of each award is $1250. Interdisciplinary teaching conferences/workshops are preferred, since the ideas and results shared at these kinds of gatherings have the greatest generality. The links below illustrate the types of conferences that will be supported:

AAC&U Conferences
Note AAC&U has Network for Academic Renewal conferences in various disciplines, institutes on targeted areas such as general education and integrative learning, and special summer institutes. AAC&U also offers several Summer Institutes on such topics as Institutional Assessment, Student Success, Integrative Learning, and STEM Faculty Leadership.

Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching
Includes one international and four national conferences, as well as special institutes; check out the “Academic Boot Camp.”

Wakonse Conferences on College Teaching
In addition to the national conference in Michigan, a regional conference is held in Texas at Wakonse South.

Research on Teaching and Learning Summit in Georgia
A highly-regarded regional conference that gives participants opportunities to discuss emerging issues in higher education in a congenial atmosphere.

SoTL Commons at Georgia Southern University
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons hosts an annual spring connference in Savannah, GA

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
International conferences are held each fall. Presenters and participants often include well-respected leaders of research in teaching and learning.

National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms at the University of Minnesota
Hosts an annual conference on the research, practice, and spaces of active learning.

More teaching conferences can be found at the Kennesaw State University Teaching Conference Directory.

Please watch for TREAT calls via your departmental Ambassador, or, you can check out the 2016 call for applications (pdf) here. For more information, contact Judy Eddy at

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